Where do YOU think Uncle Looney would
go if he could surf the Internet?

The hourly chimes. Get with the winners! The Rock of Roanoke. The station you grew up with! The complete history of 1240 WROV is told here beginning with its sign on in 1946 and ending with the call letter change in 1998. Visit Fred Frelantz, Jack Fisher, Bart Prater, Larry Bly, Rob O'Brady and the rest "in the heart of P. D. Bottom."

It all began when Frank Maddox tested a new 20W radio transmitter and made the first broadcast of radio station "3BIY." Ray Jordan, the bookkeeper for Richardson-Wayland Electric Co., first played "Soldier's Joy" on the fiddle. Several miles away on the Roanoke side of Salem, S.H. McVitty picked up the signal on his radio receiver. The whole story is here.

Dan Goodsell has collected hundreds of photos of long-gone food items, cereal boxes, grocery store displays, cartoon and cereal advertising premiums, Funny Face drink mix packages, fast food photos, gum card art, theme parks, vacation snapshots and more from the 50s through the 70s. Also, a great collection of Dan's comic and cartoon artwork featuring "Mr. Toast."

Ron has researched and documented (with lots of pictures!) old cartoons from the past, mainly focusing on ones that have been lost for years and are rarely seen anymore, including Uncle Looney staples "Clutch Cargo" and "Space Angel." You will also find cartoon themes, some kiddie show themes and more.

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